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Twitter Considers Adding Paid Premium Version of Tweetdeck

In their latest venture, Twitter is considering adding a premium paid version of their Tweetdeck interface, a platform made for marketers & brands to manage and monitor their Twitter accounts.

Last week, Twitter sent out surveys to select participants to gauge interest in “an advanced Tweetdeck experience”. The advanced Tweetdeck will potentially have many new features with a price point around $19.99. With Twitter seeing their slowest revenue growth in the fourth quarter of 2016, it needs to do all it can to keep up with other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Tweetdeck today is still free to use, but any new features would only appear in the premium version. The premium version is not built yet, but depending on interest, we may see it later this year. The features that the new Tweetdeck could include are:

• Personalized exclusive news & alert summaries
• Content Management Tools such as bookmarks, to-do lists, & “save for later”
• Cross posting on other social media platforms
• Advanced custom trend analysis tools
• Exclusive content on social media strategy & best practices
• Advanced tools for creating custom audience lists using interests & demographics
• Priority Customer Support
• Manage multiple Twitter accounts
• Enhanced publishing features (scheduling, collaborating, drafting)
• More intricate tools for filtering searches
• Ad-free experience
• Analysis tools for understanding conversations and topics on Twitter
• Available on Desktop & Mobile
• Manageable by multiple team members
• Personalized dashboard with different colors, themes, & layouts
• Access to lists of influencers and users by interest or industry
• Ability to see account unfollows, influence scores, & who is looking at your profile
• Advanced analytics on own content performance
• Import user lists

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