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Tweets Integrated Into Google Desktop Search Results

Starting back in May, Google began to show tweets in their mobile search results. Since then and earlier in the month, they experimented a little bit with displaying tweets in desktop search results. The latest update in this new integration is that Google announced, they have officially expanded twitter content into their Google desktop search results.

These new tweets are now rolling out globally for English queries. The layout for these desktop tweets will be very similar to what shows up for mobile searches. For those unfamiliar with mobile search results and twitter, Google will show the tweets in a carousel within the main column of results. Users won’t need to have a twitter account to read these tweets and Google will show them as they see fit. While this is a brand new addition to Google, they said their ranking factors behind the tweets will continue to evolve as time goes on. There are also currently no advertisements, but time will tell if this changes.

These tweets are showing up for specific people, different brands as well as hot topics. To the right is an example I just pulled from the search “Patriots”.

As time goes on it will be very interesting to see how the twitter carousel evolves and how it affects the SEO world. We will surely keep our eyes open for changes and for more information to arise.

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