Tweet to Add Items to your Amazon Cart

Amazon and Twitter have recently partnered up to make it easy for users to add items to their Amazon cart and buy them later simply by adding them through their twitter feed.  By tweeting the hashtag #AmazonCart with the Amazon product link, you  automatically add the product to your Amazon cart. To get this to work properly you have to link your twitter account to Amazon, by going to the social settings section in your Amazon account. If your Twitter account isn’t connected when you try the new Amazon Cart feature, you’ll receive a reply tweet asking you to connect your account the first time you use the #AmazonCart hashtag.

Once you have added the item you wanted to your cart, @MyAmazon will send you a reply tweet to confirm! For UK users you can see this new feature with the hashtag #AmazonBasket.

Don’t get nervous by this feature, you aren’t purchasing everything you are tweeting out, it is simply added to your cart and saved for you to purchase later! To complete the purchase you have to go to the Amazon website and make the final purchase.

For more information about this new feature the video below by Amazon will go over it more:


By Giovanna DaPrato

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