True or False: PR Style

True! Boston Web Marketing is an established Public Relations agency offering businesses and individuals with high-quality practices that will bring your websites to the top ranks of search engines. We are a full-service web marketing company that offers search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization and website design.

All You Need is PR

False. A lot of business owners put all their marbles in the same PR box rather than switching up their game plan throughout multiple marketing platforms, and that’s a shame. You can plan a pitch, but you can’t plan the outcome of a story. Press releases can be a great instrument, combined with social media, email, blogging and other digital marketing efforts. If your media relationships are well built and you have managed expectations with your client, there is a mutual apprehension of what will take place.

“PR isn’t hard, anyone can do it.”

False. If you find working in this industry to be easy, you’re probably not working hard enough. Anyone can learn the basics of PR, just the same as anyone can learn how to ride a bike or solve a riddle. But don’t mislead yourself into thinking that PR is an effortless career. Without an assortment of tools, no carpenter is able to build a thing. Making it in this department requires a unique skill set, lively natured and a vigorous work ethic.

PR = Press Releases

False. The press release is just another tool in the PR tool shed, the tried and true method that companies continue to use to communicate their stories to media. It can be a very effective tool, but only when used properly. Instead of only being mentioned on your own website, you’ve now got information about your business on all the sites that publish your press release. Consider them all breadcrumbs leading back to your website. The work that goes into some press releases just isn’t worth the daylight put into them. They are great tools to get a story “out there”, yet that’s all they are, tools. News is going to happen, regardless of if you’re pitching it or not. Regardless of what press releases do for your ranking, they do give you a wider presence on the web.

Public Relations is a Twisted Point of View

False. There may have been a time and a place when companies put out messaging that exaggerated what was actually happening within the organization, but that’s definitely not the chosen approach anymore. Propaganda is manipulating people to do something that’s not in their best interests, and it’s usually the tool of a government, used along with censorship and panic. Public relations experts avoid spin, slogans and propaganda methodology. Today’s generation has never been more advanced, and there have never been more possible resources for news and information.

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