Troubleshooting A Broken Contact Form On Your Website

Ranking as high as you can on Google is one of the end goals of a successful SEO strategy, but that’s likely not the main focus of your business. The main focus of your business’s SEO strategy is to get conversions that result in more work for your organization! Having a contact form on your website is a handy way of accomplishing this, but that doesn’t mean that these forms always work. If you’ve noticed that your website has a problem with your contact forms being submitted, read on to learn about helpful ways of troubleshooting it!

Look At Your reCaptcha Form

Preventing spam communications is a surefire way of helping your data to be as accurate as possible from month to month. Adding a reCaptcha to the contact form can be a useful deterrent for this purpose, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without its kinks. Sometimes, a reCaptcha form can hide itself from users on your website. When they go to submit the form, an error will be sent back saying that the reCaptcha wasn’t filled out. If you’ve noticed this issue, check your reCaptcha and replace it with a different model to counteract the issue. Make sure to test it afterwards!

Check Your SMTP

On many websites, using an SMTP will ensure that emails are sent to the right people when a contact form is submitted. This includes sending the information to your business as well as the person who filled out the form for their records. Sometimes, the form will submit properly but won’t show up in any inboxes. If you’ve noticed a lack of submissions and there’s nothing apparently wrong with the form, check your SMTP. You should be able to send yourself a test email to check its functionality, then reconfigure it if you notice an issue.

Submit Button Not Working

Sometimes, a user can fill out a contact form to its fullest extent but have trouble performing the action that sends it. The send button may be present, but it doesn’t return a message or send you to a specific page. This issue lies directly within the form itself, so you’ll need to go into the backend to make sure the button has the proper functionality. Check all parts of the contact form as well; they may be playing a role in this error!

SEO Strategies with Boston Web Marketing

A big part of a successful SEO strategy is making sure that every system is working at its best. Boston Web Marketing can ensure that all parts of your strategy are working as they intended, including troubleshooting broken contact forms! To get all of the leads and business your company desires, click here to contact us directly!

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