Tracking Mobile Usability In Google Webmasters Tools

Having a mobile friendly website makes the mobile users experience better. How many times have you surfed the web from your phone or tablet waiting for a bus, sitting at the bar, or grabbing a coffee? Thousands. Now, how many times have you been frustrated with a site that is not mobile friendly, the text is too small, the navigation is impossible to use, and you can’t easily fill out the contact or credit card information?

Google Webmasters is aware that mobile is growing and poor mobile websites could hurt your traffic, therefore they have added the mobile usability tool to webmasters tools. You can now see the issues that your site is having from mobile devices and correct them for when and if Google begins to take this into consideration when it comes to ranking.

For Boston Web Marketing’s mobile usage it seems that our touch elements; social media buttons, links and form fields, might be a little too close and hurt our mobile traffic. The other issue is that our content appears to be cut off on the sides, forcing users to scroll horizontally.

If Google decides to use these error when considering you page ranking, how will you prepare? You could use the fetch as google tool in webmasters, under the crawl drop down and test your sites on mobile. Even if Google doesn’t end up releasing this into their ranking algorithm, your users and conversions will be happier.



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