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Many of us know that by adding relevant keywords online, we are providing more content on the internet that can contribute towards search result success.  What if, though, entering keywords brought you to people instead?  That is the goal and intended use of the social media tool Traackr, one that could be of most benefit to companies who are trying to enhance their online engagement with the right people.  Now, web-work is obviously fundamental for success in the SEO world, but in a social-network-dependent age, engaging with the appropriate communities online in order to be of further appeal is more important than ever.

                Traackr may not be all that well-known, especially to the average internet user, but it is an intriguing tool for the fact that is uses a unique scoring process in order to determine who matters to you (a business owner, for example) specifically.  The algorithm is based upon three factors:

1)      Reach- The size of the audience your keywords relate and appeal to

2)      Resonance- Your ability to engage with that particular community

3)      Relevance- How these people can contribute to your topic

Traackr recognizes and tracks content and keywords across your entire online existence.  If you are a company, your website, listings, social media profiles and blog can all be included and considered while Traackr finds people who can be of influence to you and your topic of importance.  This tool will inform you about each member of the audience included, even giving you the opportunity to access their posts directly on sites such as Twitter.  Now you are able to use various insight and information you find from these people and form a connection.  Communicating with this audience provides the potential to expand followers, site visitors, business and your overall online presence.  You can monitor your engagements over time as well, making adjustments as you see necessary in order to stay established with the people targeted.

Traackr is something that can appeal to many people, but what benefit can it truly have if you are not engaging online in the most informative way?  Managing your content, social media and overall reputation first are all needed to create a solid foundation that will then allow this tool to be of most benefit.  Once you have found the people who are most significant to your topic, it is also then your responsibility to become appealing to them.   In my opinion, Traackr is something that is not to be used right away; it is a tool where most benefit will be seen after you have engaged in the fundamental stages of the SEO process as well as formed complete profiles within the social network sphere (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.).  How else are you going to successfully engage with those who matter and attempt to expand your online community if you do not institute yourself and become familiar with each of these other outlets first?  Only after that will you find the best opportunities for growth in popularity for you, your brand and/or your company.

– Casey Guntlow

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