Top Ways to Optimize Your PPC Account

With these simple tips, save money on your Pay Per Click Account with this three part series! Below is the first part of our series which includes tips on optimizing your keywords.

Long Tailed Keywords: Make sure to have long and specific keyword terms that aren’t as competitive. Having queries that are less competitive are cheaper than generic keywords which helps you save money and still optimize your account. Check Keyword Planner if you need assistance in creating unique long tailed keywords!

Keyword Match Types: Add restrictive keyword match types so it’s cheaper. Broad keywords are more expensive since they produce a lot more traffic that’s higher quality. Your volume might become reduced however, you will get more clicks and conversions from your ads since it will be shown to more relevant users.

Negative Keywords: Identify keywords on your search query reports that aren’t related to your business but appear when your ads are shown. Be sure to review your negative match type settings so it can maximize the efficiency of your negative keywords.

Keyword Bids: Check your keyword bids habitually so you can identity and assess the optimal times to reduce your bids. Reduce your bids if a keyword that you are using has a high CPA. By doing this, you might drop your term a bit if it was in a high position but it will cut your CPA substantially. Don’t overpay for a keyword that has a low position and has a high CPA. Instead, lower your bids and place emphasis on refining your Quality Score for that keyword.


Stay tuned to read the rest of our three part series of saving money in your PCC account! To learn more about other PCC tools you can use for your business, read our other blog post here!

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