Top Things Business Owners Fear About SEO But Shouldn’t

Business owners can view SEO as a big, intimidating part of their business’s success. While some business owners accept SEO practices with open arms, others shouldn’t fear this world – as it can lead them to measurable data and increased business.

The first misconception about SEO is that it is complicated. While the world of SEO is ever evolving, it is not the MOST complicated thing to understand. Also -there are many tools on the internet to ease your learning; what worked one week may not work the next, so it is important to utilize all of the tools you can to craft the best strategy. Check out some blogs and industry specific sites to help.

The second misconception about SEO is that it’s a scam. While SEO services aren’t the cheapest in the bunch, be aware of an agency trying to get you to spend top dollar, and promising exact results. While you can expect to see improvements over a few months, top position on the SERP isn’t guaranteed – especially due to Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Next- business owners worry the SEO Specialist could ruin their business. While some mistakes in SEO are harmful to your business – this only happens when the business owner takes a faithful leap right in the beginning of the relationship. Our best advice here is to get to know your SEO Specialist and form a relationship with them so that your goals become theirs.

In addition to the above issues, business owners wonder if SEO is TOO expensive. However, with your SEO investment, you will see more visibility, and in turn, more leads. This will help you to make your money back – and many business owners feel that with a good marketing strategy, their marketing efforts greatly improved. In comparison to other traditional forms of marketing, SEO runs at a pretty affordable price.  TV spots are thousands of dollars, as well as direct mailings. Be sure to keep in mind, results won’t start rolling in for about 4-6 months, and in a year, you will see a dramatic improvement. While this may make you squirm with impatience, consider this – if your result were easily achieved, it would be just as easy for your competitor to come and knock you out of the top spot. Stay patient, and provide consistent efforts, and you will see the results you desire.

Lastly, business owners think creating content is a waste of time. Content is king in this world and this is what helps users to stay on your site. Fresh, exciting content is a big ranking factor as well. If you are providing users with the information they cannot find anywhere else, they will return to your site, and stay on it for a longer period of time.


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