Top Social Media Platforms for Your Business in 2024

Whether you are just starting your business or a current business owner who wants to leverage social media more in the new year, you’ve come to the right place. Social media is about more than just putting your business online and getting a following. Each platform is meant for something different. Does it fit your image? Is your target audience on that platform? How many platforms can you successfully manage at once? These are essential factors to consider. Keep reading to learn which social media platform is right for your business in 2024.



We all know that Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms. It has many features that are perfect for businesses, especially with the launch of Meta Business Suite. Facebook can be great for most companies, with tools to buy and sell goods, register for events, or watch live videos. Facebook is a great place to target specific audiences with customized content – however, it is a predominately older crowd that uses Facebook specifically for finding business. This is one of the top platforms for business authority, brand awareness, community building, and overall visibility.



Instagram dominates the social media scene for sharing aesthetically pleasing graphics. With a visual-centric approach, more than 70% of users are under 35, so it is a great place to target younger audiences. If you have a business with solid visuals, this is a great platform to be on going into 2024. This is where your business will be less professional and more personal – sharing employee spotlights or funny office moments is a great place to start. Integrating static images with videos, stories, and reels will show your audiences your brand opportunity.



TikTok is a viral platform for Gen Z that is perfect for targeting anyone under 30, with the primary audience under 20. This is an excellent platform for companies with the capacity to create short, engaging videos. If this is primarily where your audiences spend their time, it is worth putting extra effort in. Our team at Boston Web Marketing is happy to assist with getting your TikTok account up and running and support you in the content creation process.



LinkedIn is ideal for B2B marketing, networking, and professional collaboration. This is an excellent platform if you want to gain financial support for your business, are looking for new hires, or would like to promote events. It can also be an excellent place for employee appreciation – some companies use this platform to share workplace success stories and employee achievements.


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As a business owner, we know that the last thing on your mind is getting a social media page up and running and building unique content for each platform. Our social media team at Boston Web Marketing can help you create any social media account, ensure it matches your branding and tone, and help you build a following. Get started with our team today; give us a call at 857.526.0096.

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