Top Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Ranking

As some of you may know, content is key when it comes to SEO. Everyone that creates online content wants it to rank highly on search engines. Ranking highly on search engines makes your content and site easier to find.

It can be extremely frustrating to spend hours researching keywords and trends and then see the same ranking on your page. You’re probably thinking you have no idea what more you need to do to get your page to rank higher. Luckily, it’s possible to salvage the content you’ve already written. Here are some top reasons why your content is not ranking and how you can fix it.

What Are You Writing About?

One of the main issues with content that is not getting ranked highly is the subject of the content itself. What are you writing about? Is it relevant to your website? Does it answer users’ questions? Your content can be awesome and beautifully written but if it doesn’t address what the users want to know, what is the point? People are going to read the title of your content and if it doesn’t interest them, they’re going to click right off the page. You should do research before to see what your target audience is searching and asking so you can make sure to address everything they want to know.

It’s also important to have long-form content. Having more content gives your readers more information about the topic. This will result in your pages getting more attention and people staying on your site longer which will boost your overall SEO.

Are You Using Relevant Keywords?

The first step to making sure you’re using relevant keywords is research. Researching which keywords have high search volumes is important to know when writing your content. It is also important to include long-tail keywords instead of short keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific which brings users who are searching for exactly what you’re talking about to your page easily. If you’re writing content about protein powder for weight loss, specifically for women, keywords like “protein powder for women weight loss” is going to get you more traffic than just “protein powder”.  Staying on top of your keyword research keeps your content relevant and optimized.

Are You Updating Your Content?

Keeping your content fresh and relevant is another important tactic when it comes to boosting your SEO. You want to make sure all your content is updated to current trending topics. Search engines prioritize fresh content. Since trending topics change so often, editing old content is key. Updating keywords in old content is a good way to keep the content relevant.

Is Your Link Profile Weak?

Inbound links are more important than you may think. You might have fresh relevant content and great keywords but if you don’t have inbound links, Google isn’t going to rank you as high as you expected. Google would notice that other websites aren’t linking to you, making Google think your site is not very relevant. It is also easier for users to trust your site if they came across it on someone else’s blog or site since someone is willing to link back to you.

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