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Top Ranking Factors for Google

For SEO purposes, it is essential to know what Google ranking factors to focus on. Improving a site’s SEO is always the goal but, knowing your focusing on the top ranking factors is crucial for this. Google evaluates sites on many, many ranking factors so, knowing it may be challenging to have an aim for your SEO strategy. Although, there are top ranking factors for Google that you should focus on for your site! Continue reading to learn of these top-ranking factors to improve your website’s SEO.

High-Quality Content

One of the top-ranking factors for Google is having high-quality content on your website. The quality of your website and blogs are a crucial step that cannot be skipped over—creating content that provides valuable information and having real value is important. Within high-quality content on your site, incorporating keywords and freshness is essential. Using keywords from keyword research in your content is a step not to be missed as this helps you rank higher in searches on Google. Also, freshness is an essential step so the content on your website remains fresh, up to date, and does not consist of duplicate content.


Having your website be mobile-friendly is an essential step in how Google indexes. This means, if your website is not compatible with the mobile version, Google won’t be able to properly index and rank your site. Prioritizing mobile-first indexing on your website is vital as Google typically uses the mobile version of the website for ranking and indexing purposes. Also, optimal mobile usability is essential as you want to optimize your website for better page experience and rankings!

Page Experience

Enhanced page experience on your website is another top ranking factor for Google. Improving the user experience on your site has an impact on SEO. Creating a user experience that pairs well with your SEO is essential to succeed in the search engine pages. With this, the site layout and architecture are crucial as you want users to crawl your website with ease. Having excellent website navigation will help users find what they’re looking for and help search engine crawlers find more pages on a website.

On-Page Optimization

In addition to page experience, on-page optimization is essential for ranking on Google. On-page optimization deals with the unseen aspects of a website’s content and SEO. A couple of ways to optimize on-page SEO is with: metadata and schema. Metadata is information that includes page titles and page descriptions; this is what users see about your site in the SERPs. Google sometimes can pull content from the website and insert it into the SERP to better fit the user’s query. Metadata also includes meta tags that are used within your content. Next, schema markup is another component of the website that is unseen. Schema markup helps tell search engines more about your content. Using schema makes it easier for search engines such as Google to identify the essential information on a website. Optimizing on-page SEO is a crucial factor in ranking on Google.

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