Top 5 SEO Growth Opportunities

After establishing basic SEO, such as writing meta titles & descriptions, fixing technical issues and conducting keyword research, there are 5 more steps you can take to fully optimize your website. If you find yourself hitting a plateau and year-over-year growth remains stagnant, try out the descriptions below and decided what deserves your attention.

Implement New Keyword & Content

When search traffic growth comes to a halt but rankings remain high, it’s best to start expanding lists of terms and phrases that bring valuable traffic.

Some tips for expanding your keyword list include:

  • Understanding your audience and keywords that will hold value
  • Know your domain’s ranking ability
  • Make sure you have strong links

Sort Through New Verticals & SERP Features

Make use of Mozcast to explore a list of verticals. If the vertical accounts for 1% of search results, it most likely will not make for a great target. If a vertical arises in a substantial number of results or many SERPs, it’s worth the effort.

Some great resources for attaining more clicks include:

  • Google News, Shopping & Reviews
  • Knowledge Panels
  • Tweets
  • Local Boxes

Multiple Listings in the Same Set of Search Results

By having at least two listings in the search results, businesses can have a greater CTR than just being positioned in 1 spot. Ignore the fact the ranking in the top 3 or top 5 spots are good. Double down on the SERPS when you’re close to first place.

Don’t Limit Your Keywords; SEO is Not PPC

When implementing SEO, don’t limit your keyword to only those that will get you conversions. Your ROI can be years in length due to organic searches sending visits for years if you earn and maintain high rankings.

The two benefits of moving your keyword research are:

  1. It’s less competitive to target terms and phrases that have lower commercial/direct-conversion-intent
  2. Keywords and content generally expand and provide a great opportunity for search traffic growth

Multi-Language Targeting

Larger organizations should expand their markets and grow beyond their local country. While this is not easy, it is extremely valuable for companies looking to expand. Make sure to do keyword and market research first. A practice, product or service may not be equally as valuable in a large market just because it has a similar population or language.

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