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Top 5 Most Common Website Errors And What They Mean

If you’re a website owner without extensive experience running and troubleshooting a website, numbered errors can be tricky and a little bit scary at first. Fear not, because in this blog, we’ll go over the top 5 most common numbered website errors, break down exactly what they mean, and give you some tips on how you can go about fixing them!

500 Internal Server Error

A 500 Internal Server Error is typically the most common error that website owners and visitors will encounter. The reason this error is so common is because it encompasses many things that could be going wrong with your website, but it most often happens when a website’s server is overloaded. If you have a 500 error on your website, you should contact your hosting provider to see if they can remedy the problem. If your website is built on WordPress, you should check to make sure that no third-party plugin is breaking your site. You can do this by deactivating and reactivating each individual plugin until you find the cause of the problem.

404 Not Found Error

A 404 Not Found error means that you’re trying to access a web page that does not exist. This commonly occurs when a page has changed its URL without a 301 redirect in place. This error can cause a huge spike in your website’s bounce rate, so it’s essential to redirect any old links to an existing page.

408 Request Timed Out Error

A 408 Request Timed Out error means that a web page did not load within a set timeframe. These errors can be caused by a server experiencing a heavy workload, or in many cases, slow internet. The best course of action for fixing this issue is to reload the page when you know you have a good internet connection. If the problem persists, contact your hosting provider. 

403 Forbidden Error

403 Forbidden errors occur when a user attempts to load a page that they do not have access to. This error typically happens because a website does not allow public access to a specific file or file directory. If you’re having trouble with this error on a website you own, contact your hosting provider or log in to your website’s control dashboard, where you can view files and alter directory settings.

503 Service Unavailable Error

A 503 Server Unavailable error means that a website’s server temporarily can not handle the request. This error typically occurs when a website is down for maintenance or the server is overloaded, similar to a 500 error. If you run a website that’s experiencing a 503 error, you should reboot your server or contact your hosting provider. Because this error is temporary, the problem will fix itself in many cases.

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