Top 5 Common PPC Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

When managing a PPC campaign, it can be tough to learn the ins and outs of Google AdWords. There are many options for your ads, and how they are delivered. Many of these mistakes are errors or just simply marketers misusing a best practice. With that being said, here are the top 5 most common mistakes seen in PPC and how you can stop them!


  1. Using broad match terms – Broad match can match an ad to a word in the phrase you are using. For example, “blue shirt” can match to “blue pants” because the word “blue” is common in both phrases. However, this is a cause of irrelevant traffic and wasted ad spend, because the user will be shown an incorrect ad. Broad match results don’t provide you with enough information about what the user actually wants that will help you provide them with the best, most relevant ad.
  2. Not utilizing your audience data – The “Target and Bid” option is for remarketing campaigns. These campaigns target people who have previously been to your site, but not taken any action on it.  This option is for you if your desired keywords are too expensive for your daily budget, or if you want to narrow your audience. Making multiple lists for audience targeting is also a good idea, but you’ll want to make sure that each list doesn’t overlap, because then some users will be seeing ads not relevant to them or repeatedly. The size of your lists also matters to Google, as you need 1,000 people in a list for remarketing in a search campaign, and 100 people for a Display Campaign.
  3. Picking the wrong ad delivery method– Standard and accelerated are the ad delivery options in Google AdWords. Standard lets you set your budget per day, and Google will decide when to show your ads (unless you choose an ad schedule) If you choose accelerated, Google will show your ads at a faster pace (as often as possible), and you may run out of budget early in the day, missing out on opportunities that could have been beneficial to your business. If you do use accelerated delivery, you can adjust your budget accordingly to keep your ads showing through the day.
  4. Incorrectly using a rule – Double and triple check each setting on a rule you create for each campaign and ad group. The rule can be set up to run in your absence, but it has to be correct, and have some wiggle room at each start and end time. You may see these rules often in sale situations, and those ads being delivered on the wrong day can a big mistake.
  5. Going over budget – This is a common mistake with many PPC campaigns, and one that is sure to leave your clients or boss unhappy. The best tips for managing your budget and ad spend for the month, is to adjust the budget daily at the end of the month, and leave some room for your final days. You can create a spreadsheet in Excel with information about a few months spend at a time, to see where budget was met, not met and maybe needing some increasing.


Adwords can be a useful tool for marketers if used correctly! Just be sure to watch these mistakes, and watch your campaigns closely.


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