Top 4 Social Media Trends to Know in 2018

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Top 4 Social Media Trends to Know in 2018

As we observe social media partially overtaking search engines, marketers start to prepare stronger social strategies. 30% of users admit skipping Google and going right on Facebook to research a brand or company.

New Look at ROI

With the abundance of metrics and data available for a digital marketer, a third of social media managers admit their confusion with calculating its return on investment. In order to get an approved budget for implementing new strategies, an advertiser needs to understand the ins and outs of fragmented data, limitations of different platforms, and benchmarks for paid and organic results. As social can be a great tool for understanding customer behavior and driving business decisions, it’s essential to learn to measure beyond content performance and connect customer journey steps with their social activities. Start with the easiest target and feel free to utilize metrics maps.

Mobile is New TV

With the past trends, we project that in 2018 online advertising will cross over the TV advertising. Because of the wide usage of mobile devices, short attention spans, and binge-watching tendencies in millennials, the video consumption continues to accelerate. As more users watch videos on smartphones, social platforms can provide new opportunities to augment traditional TV content for new forms of entertainment and news programming.

Ever-Growing Influencers’ Reach

Consumer trust continues to decline, while blogging and micro-influencing communities keep expanding. Businesses that put their employees and customers at the center of their marketing strategies will greatly benefit in 2018. Nothing will boost your traffic as much as an influencer who a customer can relate to.

AI’s are On the Rise

New year, chatbots are expected to be used twice as often as in 2017. It is a great tool to personalize offers, connect brand awareness campaigns to direct conversions, as well as create a conversation with consumers. What brands need to focus on is to make sure that artificial intelligence is being relevant and helpful.

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