Top 4 KPIs To Focus On For SEO

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are metrics that allow you to quantify how well something is performing. In this case, KPIs are a great way to measure how well your website and SEO strategy are working as far as generating business. There are hundreds of different KPIs and metrics you can look at regarding website performance, but which ones really matter? In this article, we’ll go over the top four KPIs you should be paying attention to in order to evaluate and improve your website’s SEO performance!

Conversion Rate

One of the most important KPIs for your website is conversion rate. This metric measures what percentage of website visitors are giving you a conversion (phone call, contact form, ecommerce purchase, thank you page trigger, etc.). While more website traffic is almost always a positive, it’s all for not if your visitors aren’t converting and bringing you more business. Ideally, your conversion rate should stay the same or increase as your traffic increases. If your conversion rate goes down when traffic increases, your campaigns or landing pages may need improvement. This can also work the other way around: if your traffic is going down, but your conversion rate is increasing, you may just be doing a better job of reaching your target audience.

Customer Lifetime Value

The next KPI you should keep in mind is your Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV for short. Customer Lifetime Value is a metric that measures the average value a single customer is worth. Paying attention to CLV can help you identify which SEO strategies are working best and which ones are not as effective. The higher your CLV is, the more your business will grow year over year.

Engagement Time

Another KPI that’s crucial to keep an eye on is your website visitors’ average engagement time. This metric measures how long the average user is engaged on your website and is readily available to you on your Google Analytics 4 account. The longer your average engagement time, the longer a user was actively looking through your website. An ideal average engagement time is somewhere between two and three minutes: enough time for users to read through your content, but not too much time where they may not be able to find what they’re looking for. 

Unique Visitors

One more KPI that’s essential for understanding your audience is the number of unique visitors your website is getting versus total traffic. This percentage of new users will tell you how many individual eyes have been on your website, rather than just counting the number of sessions your website had in a given period of time. The ideal number for this metric is different for every business. If your company thrives off of returning customers, a lower number of unique visitors may not be a bad thing. If your business performs better with first-time customers, you may want to strive for a higher number of new users. 

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