Top 4 Critical Mistakes Owners Must Avoid

Search engine optimization is like a foreign language to many business owners; a lot of them don’t really understand the basics of SEO. Because many of them are a little behind the times, they make very common, but very critical, mistakes.

Here we are going to share with you the 4 most crucial mistakes business owners make when performing SEO. Hopefully you will learn from these mistakes, and know what to avoid in the future!

  1. Clinging to the Past: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the past is the past, and it’s time to move on. Many business owners are stuck in their old ways, they are not keeping up with the every evolving Internet; and this is hurting their business. They need to start investing in analytics, so that they can plan for tomorrow after knowing exactly where they stand today.
  2. Managing, without really Managing: As the owner, you know your business better than anyone else on the planet (hopefully!). You know exactly which components go well with one another; stop micromanaging! Stop getting involved in all the small specific details, because you’re really starting to hurt your business! Give the SEO experts some space to work their magic! They don’t tell you how to run their business; don’t tell them how to run theirs!
  3. Unbalanced Business Structure: A lot of businesses from within are extremely disorganized. Their staff is unorganized, and there is a huge lack of communication. In order to work well online, you need to first work fell with all your employees; delegate work to specific departments and people, work to your staff’s strengths!
  4. Short Term Thinking: When thinking about SEO, peoples’ perceptions are often very flawed; some businesses expect results right away, while others believe the sole purpose is to rank high on Google. SEO is not a cost, it is an investment, that can help increase the exposure of a business for years to come.

SEO is an important investment for most businesses. Before you invest in it, or hate on it, educate yourself about the process, and the parameters of this technique. Once you learn about it, and get the basic gist of it, you can decide if it’s the right move for your company. But just remember, times are changing, and if you’re not rolling with the tide, you just might get left in the dust.

By: Joe Giorgianni

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