Tools for Finding Trending Topics

Looking for new content ideas for your editorial calendar?
One of the biggest challenges for creating content is knowing where to look for ideas to produce “engaging content.”  One way to solve this problem is turning to social media and looking at “trending topics.”
Looking up hashtags on social media is an indication that customers and users are interested in the subject, making it “trending.”
What are the best ways of find trending topics?  Here are five content analysis tools that will assist in identifying trending content.
Google Trends
Google Trends reports current and historical trending searches, featuring insights and a feed of trending stories that came out within the past 24 hours.  Users can also view subjects by geographic region.
BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool that brings together trending topics posted on all social medias into a single feed.  This tool gives users the option to create a customized feed based on various industry topics as well as time.  This tool also gives you the option to share your feed with other users.
Social Mention
Social Mention is another social media search platform that pulls in content from major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and generates a feed of content by date and source based off top keywords, users, and hashtags.
Ahrefs gives you a list of the top 10, industry specific trending topics within the last 24 hours.  Users can apply filters and sort topics based on relevance, search traffic, and content engagement.
Content Gems
Content Gems is a keyword-based tool that allows users to create a stream of content based off the most popular content related to the searched topic.  After you select which topics you’re interested in, your results will be stored in the “Gembox,” which holds interesting content for the day.

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