To Google+ or Not to Google+

The Boston Web Marketing Blog gives a lot of coverage to social media, and lately we have posted articles describing ways to optimize what may be your newest and possible your least understood social media tool: your Google+ account.  We have instructed users how to optimize their Google+ page and use Google+ to manage their online reputation.  We have also explained how Google+ will affect search results.   Google+ makes the “Search plus Your World” feature possible; it is a central part of Google’s plan to provide the most relevant, up to date, and personal results to its users.

But it is no secret that Google+ has struggled to build the user base that makes social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook so popular.  When a business begins planning a social media campaign, why should it both put time into a network that doesn’t have users who actively engage in the platform?

Businesses should be creating and updating Google+ accounts for two related reasons.  The first is that Google+ is not simply going to go away or disappear.  Google has been updating the site’s look in order to make it more user friendly and highlight the features that are unique to Google+.   When Google changed its privacy policies, all users creating new Google accounts are automatically also creating Google+ accounts.  This allows Google+ to build a user base.  Expect Google to start to push to get these users who are being built into the network just by creating a Google account to start using the social media service more frequently.

Google is going to keep pushing Google+ because it gives Google the ability to improve its search function by providing personal results that are unique to each user.  This is accomplished with the “search plus your world” feature, which pulls information that was promoted by people within your Google+ network into your Google search results page.  Google+ may not have as many active users as other social media networks, but it only takes a few active users to affect one person’s search results.  If one person using Google+ starts to promote a page, everyone who is connected to that Google+ user who has also activated Search Plus Your World will start to see that page appear higher in their Google results page.  Only businesses that actively engage in Google+ with quality content, frequent updates, and outreach to customers and users will be able to benefit from this bonus.

–          Andrew Wise

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