Title Tags Pt 2.

Title Tags Further Explained

Writing proper Title tags for your web pages is a crucial step in laying the foundation of your SEO success. For business owners handling their own digital marketing and SEO campaigns its important to follow some of the basic steps to ensure you write proper title tags and avoid penalties for the misuse of title tags.

But why is important to write proper title tags? And what happens if you don’t do it properly?

Where Your Titles Will Be Displayed

As we went over in a previous blog post bots and crawlers use your title tag as one way to identify the content on your site and display that on SERPs. But that isnt the only reason it is neccessary to properly write your title tags.

  • It is the clickable part of the Search Engine Results Page. This is the first things users see when performing searches. Have a title tag that isn’t properly displaying what is on your page? A user may click on your site thinking they are finding a particular piece of content only to leave right away. This will negatively affect your bounce rate.
  • Do you keep many tabs open on your computer? When you hover over your tabs, your title tag is displayed. An improperly written title tag may result in a user exiting your web page and never returning when they are trying to navigate their crowded web browser.
  • A big goal of businesses is to get their content shared across various social media platforms. This results in more users being exposed to your product or service. Generally your title tag is what is displayed when a user shares your page or post on social media.


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