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Many ranking factors and technical requirements go into optimizing your website. It is important to build strategies for off-page and on-page optimization to perfect the technical aspects of your site. On-page SEO entails optimizing web pages to improve website rankings and traffic; some tactics include coding, content creation, and more. A critical strategy of on-page SEO is perfecting title tags. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of title tags for SEO. 

What are Title Tags, and Why Do They Matter? 

Title tags are a type of meta tag that functions as a descriptive title for a webpage. Search engines evaluate title tags among other meta elements to understand the purpose of the page, what content it provides, and how it should rank in SERPs. Therefore, it is essential to use title tags to state the page’s intention. 

Title tags allow you to plug in specific keywords for search engine optimization. Since title tags are an indication of the content given, keywords can be beneficial when trying to increase your rankings for phrases related to the words. Title tags also display the relevance of a webpage to a searcher. The more compelling your title tag is, the more likely a searcher will continue to click through your website to see more. 

How Do I Make a Great Title Tag? 

A great title tag has a careful balance between optimized for searchers and optimized for search engines–in other words, it is vital to write title tags with both users and search engines in mind. An important quality title tags should have is descriptive content. They must accurately describe the content on the page, so use relevant, specific, and clear keywords. Plugging in random keywords in the hopes of ranking for them will look bad to the algorithm and the searcher. 

Another great quality would be originality. Duplicate title tags can hinder your SEO efforts as they can be flagged and tank your rankings. Even for webpages with similar content, make sure to create an entirely new title tag with different keywords. This also gives you the opportunity to use other relevant keywords with the chance of increasing your rankings. Use enticing words that will encourage the audience to continue reading and discover other pages on the website. 

Creating a title tag with the appropriate length is also essential. If your title tag is over 60 characters, it may get cut off in SERPs; however, if it is under 50 characters, it may get overlooked in the algorithm, and you can miss out on opportunities. Therefore, a perfect title tag would be between 50-60 characters in length. 

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