Tips to Rank Higher in Search Results

While you don’t necessarily need to think about Google each time you’re writing new content, it is beneficial to appreciate exactly what makes it effective in your search and social results. Boston Web Marketing has a few suggestions to keep in mind for the next piece of content you are writing!

  1. Typically, Google will show the first 60 characters in SERPs, so your meta title should be brief and descriptive. It’s the first impression users will get of your content so make it an effective and powerful preview.
  2. Headings are used to tell Google which parts of your content are the most important thus, simplify the ranking process. Subheadings are great for the reader because they can summarize a larger post. Heading tags go from H1 to H6 and range from most important to least important.
  3. When you’re writing your content, it’s important to do your research on your topic before you go ahead and post it. You want it to have value and be targeting the right audience.
  4. Content length is going to depend on various elements. What’s the industry? Why are you writing it? Who’s the target audience? While content that is longer might be read better by search engines, it doesn’t mean you can’t write a piece that is less than 1000 words. We’d rather see you write several 300 word pieces that are fresh and consistent than a 1000 word piece once in a while. The more content your website has, the better you improve your chance to increase your ranking on SERPs.
  5. When it comes to website content, remember that it’s quality over content. While you want to be consistently updating your website with content, what good is it if it has no value to it? Quality content will increase trust with your audience and make them aware that you actually know what you’re talking about.
  6. Once your content is ready, it’s time to think about increasing the likelihood of it being shared on social media. Using a compelling headline, relevant image and caption will help you to reach your target audience on various social media platforms.
  7. Much like your title, your meta description should be effective and powerful. It can influence whether a user will click on your URL or not.

For more tips when it comes to writing website content for your company or brand, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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