Tips To Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

If you do a Google search for average conversion rates across the web you will find a large spectrum of potential answers with some as low as 1% and some as high as 15%. Every website owner wants their conversion rate to increase. Conversion rates let us see the value of the traffic that is coming to our websites.

Track The Right Goals

A conversion rate is the percentage of sessions on a website that completes one or more of the setup goals. To get a fair and accurate measurement of conversion rate, you want to track the right things. The general rule of thumb is that you should track events that lead to sales. A restaurant should track how many people call, order online, order catering, or request directions. A restaurant should not track how many people simply visit the menu page. When choosing goals you should not pick goals that will lead to an artificially high conversion rate or an artificially low one. The best practice is to always aim for goals that mirror real-world purchases, inquiries, and business.

Identify Your Highest Performing Pages

Once you have set up the proper goals you need to look at your website’s content. There are two helpful ways to sort your content. You can look at pages in the order of how many sessions they get. This will show you the top-performing pages, and also help you make decisions on what pages to link content to. You should also look at pages in order of their conversion rates. This can help you identify strong content that isn’t leading to conversions. These pages may need better calls to action. Some content is unlikely to have high conversion rates. For instance, blogs are almost never large contributors to conversion rates. This is because blogs draw in a lot of strong traffic, but that traffic usually doesn’t do more than read the blog and leave. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize your blog. Having an effective blog can help your overall search engine ranking and bring in some conversions as well.

Create Stronger CTAs

One way to boost your website’s conversion rate is by improving the calls to action on pages with high sessions/traffic but low conversions. This includes adding contact forms, increasing the links on this page that lead users to convert, and using eye-catching techniques when creating calls to action. Click here to read our guide on strong CTAs.

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