Tips to Improve Your Branding for SEO

What is Branding? 

When you create a brand for your business, you put together a unique and clear image for your product or company so that people can easily recognize you through that image. Whether it’s a post on social media, a newsletter, a product label, etc., the image of your brand should be consistent and uniform. This will help you develop solid relationships with your target market and establish yourself within your industry. 

Why is Branding Important for SEO?

Optimizing your website for search engines is much easier when you have unique and high-quality branding. With a consistent brand, you will increase the chances that your preferred audience will recognize you. Your brand name could then become an incentive to click on your website within search results, even if you’re not right at the top of the page. Eventually, once your brand becomes even more popular and recognized, people will begin searching directly for your brand! This will greatly increase your search engine rankings. 

Here are a few tips to help you set up your branding strategy. 

1. Stay Consistent

When it comes to branding, consistency is key! Take the time to really develop your brand because once everything is done and your brand is out there, you won’t want to change anything. This is because if you make any adjustments after your brand is already being recognized, people might get confused and stop recognizing your brand. Develop a style, design a logo, phrase your mission, and then stick with it all! 

2. Develop a Tagline & Make it Visible

Your tagline is the most important message about your brand put into one sentence. Make sure your tagline is visible on your website, add it to your social media bio’s, consistently use it in your posts and newsletters, etc. 

When coming up with a tagline, think about your audience and make your tagline as clear as possible. Use a few words to best describe what your brand is all about. Keep in mind some of your favorite brands, such as Nike and Apple, and their taglines, “Just Do It” and “Think Different.” Taglines are often what you as a brand want your audience to do. 

3. Use Images

Images are of course another important part of your brand. This is because your website, newsletters, social media, etc. are all filled with pictures! Choose pictures and picture themes that are consistent and unique to your business or product. By continuously posting images that are consistent with your brand, your audience will eventually start to recognize your brand simply from looking at your photos. 

4. Use Your Brand Name

In order to get your audience familiar with your brand name, you have to use it often! You can use your brand name in your products, social media posts, newsletters, etc. People need to hear and read your brand name regularly to begin to recognize it. 

5. Use Your Logo

Your logo is a huge part of your brand but isn’t the main part. You want your audience to recognize your brand in more ways than just seeing your logo. However, it definitely is important. Your logo should stand out and be unique. People should be able to recognize your logo without needing any other context. Think back to the Nike and Apple brand examples, just by looking at their logos, we can always recognize them. Keep that in mind when creating your logo! 

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