Tips to Establishing a Local SEO Strategy

93% of online users searched for a local business in the last year. This means that all companies with a brick-and-mortar store or online businesses that serve specific areas should have a local SEO strategy. It’s important to have a proper system in place to help your results rank higher than your competitors. Use these tips to help establish your local SEO strategy today.

Local SEO Benefits

There are many benefits to local SEO, from increased organic traffic to more customer reviews to a better website experience. There are many reasons to include local SEO in your overall SEO strategy. Learn more about the benefits of local SEO

Audit your Website

Conducting a website audit can help repair parts of your website you didn’t know were broken. Some SEO aspects to look out for during the audit include site speed, missing headlines, broken links, missing metadescriptions, and duplicate content. 

It’s best to conduct the audit before starting any optimization. Sites that have any of the mentioned problems will not rank well for local search, no matter how properly optimized it is.  

Choose Geo-Specific Keywords

After you conduct research to determine your keywords that help describe what your business offers, it’s best to add geo-specific terms to it. It may also help to determine what keywords your competitors are targeting for to help see any gaps in their strategies.

Adding your business’s location to these keywords can help make them localized. Examples include “best Mexican restaurant in Boston,” “urgent care Boston,” or “pet stores near Boston.”

Localized Landing Pages

Localized landing pages are used to help your business rank for specific services within certain areas. Strategies here include having optimized headings, keywords contained in the body of the content, internal links, images, and are mobile-friendly. 

Optimize GMB

Having a fully optimized Google My Business account is essential for local SEO. Not only is this a free tool that is used to generate more traffic, but it is one (if not the) most valuable tool when it comes to local listing.

Create a GMB account and claim your business. From there, fill out all necessary fields such as business name, phone number, address, and hours. The more information you fill out, the more likely Google is going to rank your account higher. Products and services, service areas, photos, and customer reviews are all important to have in order to optimize your listing. Be sure to not keyword stuff or include any blackhat SEO tactics. This can result in penalization from Google and potentially deleting your account. 

Establish a Local SEO Strategy with Boston Web Marketing

The experts at Boston Web Marketing are able to optimize your site for local SEO today. Your site will have increased traffic, conversions, and leads today with BWM. Tell us today how we can help improve your business today or receive a free website audit from us. 

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