Tips to Craft the Perfect Press Release

Doing a press release has many benefits of public relations for your company. Here are tips in creating the perfect press release to spread the word about what your business or brand is about.

Keep It a Single Page– Try to keep your press release simple, less is more. Write evergreen content that is straight to the point and ideally less than one page. Having lots of white space on a press release looks more inviting to potential readers, so the more appealing it is, the more people will want to read it.

Perfect Time to Send-Don’t send your press releases on a Monday or on a Friday. Increase your chances of having your press release read by sending it out through a press release service like BusinessWire or PR Newswire during the middle of the week. Aim to send out the press release during Tuesday through Thursday between 10am to 2pm. Monday and Friday are bad days to send out your press releases because most people are not in the mindset to read anything “work-related” after or before the weekend.

Create a Captivating Headline- It is statistically proven that only 20% of readers actually read the body of text while 80% of people read the headlines and move on.  This is why it’s important to spend a good amount of time creating a headline that people will want to read. Make your headline short but descriptive and interesting.

Stick to the Standard Format- When laying out your press release, stick with the standard format instead of creating your own. There is only a small amount of time to grab a reader’s attention. By giving them your relevant information in a format they already understand allows people to focus more time on reading the press release instead of trying to make sense of the document itself.

With these tips, you will be on your way of creating the perfect press releases! Press releases are one of the most important methods of gaining more visibility for your company. If you need help gaining more brand recognition for your company call Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096 today and we will help you get the visibility and traffic you want!

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