Tips On How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a free tool that allows business owners to manage their businesses local listing and online presence. Having a fully-completed, optimized Google Business Profile will make your business more visible on search engine results pages and Google Maps, leading to more traffic on your website, lead generations, and customers in your store! In this article, we’ll offer a few different tips on things you can do to optimize your Google Business Profile! If you have any questions about optimizing your website on Google, please contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today for a free SEO audit!

Read & Respond To Reviews

One key feature of your Google Business Profile is the ability to read and respond to reviews that real customers leave you. Not only is garnering reviews good for your business profile’s ranking, but positive reviews can also help build trust with potential customers, giving you an upper hand over the competition. When your Google Business Profile receives a review, you’ll be notified by email. It’s important to get in the habit of promptly responding to reviews on your Google Business Profile!

Add Questions & Answers

Another great way to optimize your Google Business Profile is to add questions and answers to the Q & A section of the profile. Adding frequently asked questions and answers to your profile can give customers the information they are looking for without having to contact your business. For example, adding questions like “Do they sell gift cards?”, “Do they have free parking?”, etc. can be advantageous and is another way to further build out your profile. When a customer asks a question about your business, you’ll be notified so you can post an answer promptly.

Add Updates, Offers, & Events

One more way to optimize your Google Business Profile is to add updates, offers, and events to your profile whenever possible. There are three types of posts you can make on your Google Business Profile: updates, offers, and events. Updates can be used to post general information about your business; hours changes, photos, employee updates, etc. Offer posts can be used to let customers know of any sales or special offers that you may have going on. Finally, event posts are great for giving users information about specific events that you plan on hosting: karaoke nights, classes, open houses, etc. Regularly posting on your Google Business Profile can help you rank higher and stand out from your competitors!

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