Tips On Creating An Effective Service Area Page

Service area pages can be an incredibly beneficial tool for your website and its SEO. It’s a great way for businesses with a central location to advertise their services to the surrounding areas! They can also help you improve your rank on Google, as they can be an effective way to rank for keywords and push your business ahead of the competition. However, you can’t just go into this process without a plan! Anyone can make a service area page, but it’s important to make effective service area pages. How can you yield the results you want from them? We’ve assembled the best tips to make that happen!

Make Each Page Unique

The point of a service area page is to showcase the services you offer to a specific area. If all of your services are the same across these areas, can’t you just copy and paste content from your original service page? Actually, you can’t! Service area pages that are too similar to each other will send a warning message to Google that your website has duplicate content. In certain cases, this can even lead to a penalty! You can avoid this possibility by making every service area page unique. You can still advertise all of the services you offer, but make sure that you diversify how you explain them.

Tailor It To The Area

If you just list your services on a service area page, it probably won’t be very effective at doing its job. After all, it would just be the same as your regular services page! When constructing a good service area page, make sure that you tie it into the area that you’re writing about. Include some facts about the city or town, include testimonials, or detail past experiences working with the town. The more you can tailor it to the area, the better off you’ll be!

Include Area-Specific Keywords

Of course, to rank well for a certain location, you’ll need to know the best keywords that come out of it! The keywords that people use to search for your services in one area can be completely different from another. For example, if you’re a junk removal company, someone in Town A might search for “Basement cleanouts near me”. Conversely, someone in Town B might search for “Property cleanouts near me”. If you’re making a page for Town A, it might be helpful to include keywords that are more relevant to it!

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