Tips On Adding Semantic Keywords to Blog Content

There’s a reason that keywords are talked about so much in SEO! Keywords provide the building blocks for your website to get found, identify what your services are to your audience, and help to answer the most commonly asked questions about the subject. Semantic keywords, or keywords that are related to a primary topic, are no exception to this rule. In order to accomplish everything you can with keywords, you’ll need to know how to incorporate them into blog content. So, how can you go about doing this? We give you some tips below!

Study Google Trends

We aren’t just talking about searches that are trending on Google here! Google Trends is a subsection of Google that you can use to research semantic keywords for your content. For example, let’s say you run a business that relates to athletic training. If you type in “athletic training” as a keyword, you’ll get a list of related topics and search queries that you can use to formulate blog posts. If you choose to use the search queries, make sure you answer the question in a way that you can tie back to your services!

Utilize The SERP

Did you know that certain elements of a Google search engine results page can help you determine your semantic keyword list? Specifically, you’ll want to pay close attention to the “People also ask” section that includes a list of questions with drop down arrows. When you search for a parent search term, such as “exercise equipment”, Google will give a list of questions related to the topic. If you hit the drop down arrow, more related questions will appear under it. The more arrows you click on, the more specific these questions will become and the more ideas you can get for blog topics.

You can also scroll to the bottom of a search engine results page to browse Google’s related searches. For example, the “exercise equipment” search we mentioned includes related searches for exercise equipment for your legs and exercise equipment for seniors. You can use these as your semantic keywords for blog topics! A blog about the best exercise equipment for seniors will do well in attracting that demographic to your website.

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