Tips For Your AdWords Strategy

Google AdWords is the most heavily used platform today for online digital advertising. This is great if you are trying to use a platform that millions of users see on a daily basis, but not so great if you are trying to stand out among all the noise. For small businesses, advertising dollars are hard to come by. Not only this but in tough times, marketing and advertising budgets are usually the first to be cut from small businesses. This shouldn’t scare you from trying to use Google and other online advertising platforms as a way to grow your business.

You should have some basic knowledge before you jump into this form of advertising. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few easy ways to stand out from the other businesses in your area on Google AdWords. 


When it comes to search ads, your messaging is crucial. Messaging is more than just the words in your ad. It’s also the meaning that your words convey. For example, what if you are a contractor who inserts siding for buildings. You might be running ads for your siding project.

This is where messaging comes into play.

A typical person searching for siding could be a homeowner looking for siding or a business owner looking for siding services. Your Ad Group for siding should be running separate ads where the messaging is clear to the searcher. This is an example of best practices for optimizing your paid search presence. Your landing pages should have specific messaging that makes it clear to the user searching for “residential siding” & “commercial siding”. This is a tried and true way to increase conversions without wasting spend.

Keep Mobile In Mind

For the average small business owner running a Google AdWords account,  this might not even come to their mind when thinking about their ads. But it might be one of the most important things that affect your conversion rates on your ads. In 2018 the majority of online searches are completed on users’ mobile devices. If your website is not properly mobile optimized, you are essentially throwing money down the drain on your ads. You will have a high rate of users who leave very quickly after visiting your page and you risk having them not read your ad at all.

Don’t take any risks, make sure your ads look good on mobile before launching an AdWords campaign.

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