Tips For Writing Effective Newsletters

Newsletters can be a very effective marketing tool for a variety of different industries. Reaching out directly to your past customers is a great way to secure repeat business. However, there are some tips you should keep in mind when creating a newsletter to ensure that you’re using them to their fullest potential and maintaining a strong open rate. If you’re wondering how to get started with writing effective newsletters, Boston Web Marketing can help. Our marketing experts can provide customized marketing services to help your website perform to its fullest potential. To learn more, contact us directly by calling 857-526-0096.

Utilize Your Subject Line 

The first step to any successful newsletter is getting the reader to open it. This is why your email subject line is vital. It needs to capture the voice of your company and seem appealing to the reader. If you’re selling a product, advertising a sale or the launch of a new product is a great way to catch the reader’s attention and increase their odds of opening the email. 

Focus on a ‘For the Customer’ Approach 

Although the purpose of a newsletter is typically to sell a product or get the customer to click a CTA, it is important to approach those goals from the eyes of the customer. They don’t want to hear your dry explanation as to why they should click on your website and spend their money. Instead, you need to entice them and gather their interest so that they actually are interested in what you have to offer. This is why offering a discount or announcing a sale are such popular uses for newsletters. 

Keep it Short and Sweet 

Continuing the theme of engaging your audience, you need to alter your writing approach for newsletters from how you would write other online content like blogs or service area pages. For a website, users are looking for information. However, newsletters are solely to gain the interest of your audience. This means that your newsletter content should be short and to the point and drive your readers to the call to action button for more information. 

Utilize Images 

Images tell a story, and they are a great way to enhance the message of your newsletter. Ideally, you should aim to use images that are directly associated with your business. This can be a group photo of the team, a quick picture of a service offered, or a high-definition image of a product you sell. If these options aren’t available, you can use stock photos instead. Be sure you have the license to use these photos or, if they are free, that you are using them in an appropriate manner.

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