Tips for Running Ad Campaign for Mother’s Day

Did you know that Mother’s Day is a $20 billion holiday in the United States, ranking it the third highest in consumer spending behind Christmas and Back-to School shopping? Bing Ads offer some tips for businesses that are looking to create an effective Mother’s Day AdWords campaign!

Bing noticed that last year during Mother’s Day, searches related to technology (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) peaked about a month before the holiday; so if you’re a business focused on technology, it will be a good idea to launch your campaign about a month before the holiday.

For gifts and flowers, Bing noticed that the peak in searches was about a week before the holiday; with that being said it will be a great idea to launch your campaign a week, or two (at the most) before the holiday if you’re selling gifts and flowers related to Mother’s Day!

Mobile searches surpassed that of desktop searches, so if you’re website isn’t mobile friendly, you might want to think about updating it right away, or you’ll miss out on a big junk of the third highest consumer spending holiday! For big ticketed gifts like jewelry, mobile searches accounted for 35% of the searches, compared to just 21% on desktops! Again, it’s important that your site is mobile friendly!

Bing Ads suggest launching your campaigns at least two weeks before the holiday! Clicks increased about two weeks before the holiday, and search volume increased quite a bit two weeks before the holiday!

Yes, Mother’s Day is a few months away, but it’s never too early to prepare a campaign, especially since it’s a $20 billion holiday!

Here at Boston Web Marketing we assist and create AdWords campaigns for both Google and Bing; if you’re interested in starting an AdWords campaign, please feel free to give us a call at 857.526.0096.

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