Tips for Ranking in Google’s Local 3-Pack

The competition to rank organically is fierce and then Google adds a local map result section to the mix. Not only are you competing with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of businesses in your area to rank organically but you’re also competing to rank organically in the local map results. Whether you’re ranking on the first page or the fifth page of search results, ranking organically in the local 3-pack is invaluable for your busines but getting there can be hard.

What is the Local 3-Pack?

The local 3-pack is the three results that appear under the map on a search result page. The results that are shown here are businesses that have physical locations located in the area in which a person submitted a search for. If the business has a website and an address located somewhere on the internet, the result will also show a button that leads to the website and one to get directions to the location. Depending on the industry, the result could also show a short description about the business, reviews, and hours of operations.

Why is it Important to be in the Local 3-Pack?

Ranking in the local 3-pack gives your business an increasing amount of exposure and allows users to easily access your businesses website, phone number, or directions, increasing the chances of being contacted over your competitors that aren’t ranking.

How Can I Start Ranking in the Local 3-Pack?

The main way to start ranking in the local 3-pack is to improve the local SEO on your website and across any listing websites you have your business on.
You can do this by:

  • Having your business name, phone number, and address consistent across all platforms (including your website!)
  • Claiming & verifying your Google My Business profile & filling it out with accurate information
  • Utilize schema markup on your contact page, footer, and anywhere else your address and contact informatin is present
  • Optimize your website with pages for each of the locations you are located in or serve
  • Manage and respond to Google reviews
  • Have a mobile-friendly website
  • Add photos of your business to your Google My Business profile and other listing websites

Although ranking in the local 3-pack can take time, continue to optimize your website for local results to help increase the chances of appearing. Keep these tips in mind when you’re working on your SEO and soon you’ll see the positive impact of ranking locally!

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