Tips for Posting Carousel Photos on Instagram

If you’re not familiar with Instagram, there are album-style posts that appear on your feed, called carousel posts, which can include up to 10 photos at a time. The first time someone sees this post, otherwise known as a carousel, will show the first photo as the post cover. What makes these types of posts great for reach is that they can show up again if the user doesn’t engage the first time. This time, it will show the following image on the carousel. To learn more about how you can integrate carousel posts onto your feed for better optimization, continue reading. 

Your First Image Should Be A “Scroll Topper”

Just like the introductory paragraph in an essay, the first image in the carousel is essentially the hook for your users. Treat this first image as you would in an essay – engaging and exciting. Your objective is to get users to stop, scroll, and view all of your carousel images. To implement this on your own, consider keeping the first slide to a short and bold statement or picture that draws the viewer’s attention for the remainder of the post. 

Make Sure Every Slide Can Stand Alone

If this post were not a carousel, you’d want to ensure that each photo could be posted individually. Since the algorithm of Instagram can reappear on your feed if you do not interact with the first go-around, the second, third, and additional images should be engaging and concise. If you’ve ever seen another brand’s carousel while scrolling from your profile and shared every slide to your story, the ultimate goal of the carousel has been completed.

Stay Consistent & Cohesive

The following few tips are listed to ensure you stay consistent and cohesive throughout your carousel images. 

  • Use the same font and colors throughout the images. Whether through filters, or graphic designs, a piece with consistency will flow much nicer on the feed.
  • Feature similar services & products. Whether through a brand deal or contrasting with your competitor, you want to prove why your product or service is the best.
  • Put a series title or watermark in the corner of your photo. This will ensure no other brands can steal your images, helping you establish a unique brand identity.

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