Tips For Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

The presence of your business on Google My Business is an important ranking factor for search engine optimization, which means that your profile must illustrate the most relevant and accurate information that will lead to potential customer engagement. Keeping the listing up to date can go a long way in getting users to your website, and improving your conversions.

The more Google knows about your business, the better it can accurately display your listing in search results.  Here are a few things you can do to update and improve your Google My Business profile.

Make Sure All Company Information is Accurate

This should be a no-brainer, but Google frowns upon business profiles with incorrect or inconsistent information.  Here are a few pieces of information you want to ensure are accurate on your profile include:

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Categories

Even if you think everything has been optimized, it is good to go back through your profile from time to time to ensure that no information has changed. If you’ve moved locations, but your GMB page is leading customers to your old office, you’re not only hurting your SEO presence, you’re actively losing business.

Add Categories and Services

Have multiple services you’re known for or want to highlight?  Google My Business allows you to showcase exactly which services you offer, so users know what your business does before they have even visited your website.  Determine your most popular or relevant services and be sure to include them on your profile.

Along with the categories feature, Google My Business also allows you to list and detail services offered.  In the “Services” section, you can add, detail, and list the price of the services you want to promote on the profile.

Use Appealing Pictures, And Keep Them Updated

When a “picture is worth more than a thousand words,” you want to make sure the images featured on your Google My Business profile reflect what you want potential customers to see.  Your pictures should always be up-to-date and illustrate different aspects of your business, including company logo, interior, and exterior images, team photos, and on-the-job pictures. Be sure to add new pictures regularly, and remove any old, low-quality photos from your profile!

Publish Content on Google Posts

Google Posts is one of the easiest ways to put your latest content in front of your users’ eyes when your website pops up in their organic search.  New blog posts, new services, and seasonal products should be highlighted in your Google Posts content along with your other content marketing platforms.

Update Special Hours

This simple edit helps potential customers know when you’re open or closed for holidays, ensuring you’ll get the right clients at the right time instead of leaving room for negative reviews of customers ranting about your closing when your profile said you were open. This is a tiny little task that can go a long way with both customers and search bots.

Use The Covid-19 Updates

Particularly during the pandemic, users are doing more research than ever before they visit your business. To help account for this, Google launched a series of Covid-19 updates for customers to see whether your business is enforcing masks, whether you temperature check staff & customers, if your business is appointment only, and much more. Using these updates will not only give customers peace of mind, but it will also likely bring in more business, particularly compared to those who aren’t using these helpful features.

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