Tips for Optimizing Your Business’s SEO in 2021

Having a fully optimized website and staying on the top of the search results pages is always the goal for businesses. Using keywords used to be the sole priority of SEO, as this would lead to your website consistently driving traffic. However, before there were algorithms in place, companies took advantage of this SEO tool and began keyword stuffing. Now, there are many other ways to optimize your business’s SEO in 2021 focusing more on behavioral analytics. Read more to learn about the SEO tips to use!

Tip 1: Focus on ROI

Rather than focusing solely on a site’s traffic, begin focusing on the return on investment. Having traffic on a website is great, yes. But, is the traffic on the website converting? The goal is to focus on attracting website visitors that will provide your business with value rather than attracting non-converting visitors. Focusing on ROI is focusing on behavioral analytics, making sure you’re attracting the “right” visitors to your website!

Tip 2: Replace Keywords Research With First-Party Data

Keyword research is still important but, using first-party data reveals what visitors are looking for. First-party data is data that your business collects regarding its visitors. For example, if your company is receiving many phone calls asking specific questions about a service, this would be great to include in an FAQ page on your website. Chances are, if they’re asking about it, plenty of other people are searching for it, too. This is a great opportunity to optimize your content strategy. In doing this, your business will see results of more traffic, rising SERPs, and receiving more clients.

Tip 3: Prioritize Retention

The most successful companies focus just as much, if not more on retaining existing customers over attracting new ones. It is important that your business invests in post-acquisition content. Doing this will not only boost your SEO but, will also boost retention rates. You’ll need to do some investigation to discover what customers don’t like about your website: what frustrates them, how they could acquire more key information, etc. even after customers have created a conversion. Just because a customer has bought into your products or services doesn’t mean this has solved all of their problems, or that your business has done all it can do to retain these customers in the long run. In prioritizing your customer retention, you are also boosting your reputation.

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