Tips For Making Page Titles That Stand Out

When creating page titles for our website, it is important to remember that these are written for humans and not robots. Page titles and meta descriptions are essential to improve ranking on search engines, but if they are not written clearly and appealing to humans, then they are not helping us. To create page titles that stand out from our competitors, it is crucial to understand what makes up a good page title and how we can go beyond that to make them even better. See below the benefits of a page title and tips for making page titles stand out.

What Is A Page Title?

A page title, or title tag, is a short description of the content on a webpage. The page title appears at the top of the browser window and above the meta description on the search results page on search engines. The page title is clickable on search engines, and it is what users read first when searching for something on a search engine. Page titles play a significant role in search engine optimization and should include keywords to improve the website’s ranking. 

What Are The Benefits of Page Titles?

Page titles can have various benefits for a website. Aside from improving the ranking of a website on a search engine, they also can help users get a better understanding and impression of your website. Page titles are intended to be read by humans first, so writing them in proper language and grammar is critical to building trust with your readers. Page titles also reassure readers of what they are reading and that it is what they were searching for. If they read your page title, they should be able to feel confident that the page will have the answer they are looking for. Page titles also have the benefit of keeping your user engaged. No one will click on a website if the page title does not make sense or has nothing to do with what they are searching for. Lastly, a significant benefit of page titles is they can confirm content to Google if, by chance, Google revises the content on your page. Page titles are easy to tell users and Google what your page is about. 

6 Tips That Make A Page Title Standout

Take a look at these six helpful tips to create page titles that will stand out from your competitors and generate more clicks to your website!

1.Make sure it is made up of 60 characters.

Search engines only show up to 60 characters, so anything more will get cut off and be hard for users to read.

2. Place the keyword first

Including the keyword first may help Google add more value to your page title if the keyword is placed first instead of toward the end of your page title.

3. Include your brand name

It is also essential to include the brand name of your business. This can be added to the page title by including it after the first half of your page title, followed by a “-” or “|” with your brand name.

4. Make sure your title tag is attractive 

As mentioned, attractive title tags grab users’ attention and make them want to click on your site. Metadata is intended for humans to read and understand, as they will be the ones you want to click on your site.

5. Make sure the page title correctly describes your page

This is very important because no one wants to click on a page hoping to find an answer they are looking for, only to find out the page could have been more helpful. Creating accurate page titles for what your page is offering is important to build trust with your users and Google.

6. Make sure the page title is different for each page

This last tip is also essential because page titles should be unique for each page you write them for. If you make two page titles similar for two different pages, how can users and Google differentiate the two?


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