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Tips for ECommerce Holiday Marketing Peformance

Online shopping during the holiday season has been growing every year because shoppers want to avoid all those long lines and holiday traffic. This means that e-commerce sites should be taking advantage of online shoppers and making sure they prepared for a very busy holiday season! Check out a few tips on how to help your holiday e-commerce marketing performance:

  • It’s important that before you start your e-commerce marketing you figure out what metrics you want to track during the holiday season. You should know how to track different traffic sources including organic, referral, social, email. paid, and direct search. When you know how to track  how new customers are finding it will help you in the future.
  • Establish a holiday marketing budget and try to organize what you want to invest your money in. You can focus on marketing channels like paid advertising, your website, or social media networks.
  • Make sure you promote any special sales or discounts on your website’s homepage with images and keywords. Besides promoting your holiday promotions on your website, you should also be spreading the word on all your social media platforms.   You should be frequently posting your special discounts to your top social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Even if your website is perfectly designed for the holiday season, it’s important to not forget about the site speed of your e-commerce site. Most users will leave a site if the load time is taking longer than expected and don’t immediately connect with content on the website. If you test your site speed and notice it’s a bit slow, try to do image optimization or contact your hosting company for more information.

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