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Tips For A Great Landing Page

Landing pages are some of the most important pages on your website. They are the first impression that visitors see and hopefully will lead to a conversion if you have all of the aspects of a great landing page. There are many tweaks one can make to a landing page to increase the conversion rate on said pages.


While there is not one “catch-all” format for a landing page that will guarantee better conversions, there are a few tips that you can try out and tweak on your pages that should help a little bit if they are not already implemented.


  1. Improve or add a call to actionThe call to action is some prompt to get a visitor to complete an action on the landing page. Here are a few tips to try on your call to action:
    • Use a button instead of a link for the call to action, this will be a better visual cue for visitors and hopefully draw their attention to the button.
    • Test different colors of the button, see what works better try for bright or eye popping colors.
    • Test the placement of the call to action. Try to keep most of these ‘above the fold’ to ensure visitors see them.
    • Try out different copy. If you are not getting a great conversion rate it’s possible that you may need to adjust the copy on your landing page to try to entice visitors to buy
  2. Try using different pictures:
    •  Users love to see picture, they are an easy way to transmit information in a well-designed manner. If the current pictures that you are using are outdated or do not pertain to the information presented, it may be time to look at using some different images.
  3. Adjust the layout of the landing page:
    •  If the landing page is not converting users well, it’s possible that the page is not set up with an optimal layout to increase visitor interaction. Playing around with different headers, header images, and moving the calls to action button or forms around to an easier to see area can all help.

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