Time to Update your Google Maps App

Google has recently made a very major update to their app for Androids and iOS smartphones. THe new updates were all implemented to make those every day life problems. Here are some of the TOP reasons that updating your appw hile make it easier for those summer travel plans you have.

Lane Guidance. In addition to being told turn-by-turn navigation and the fastest route to your final destiation, a voice guidance feature will speak up and let you know which lane is the best one! Don’t assume that the fast lane is always going to be fast, Google will let you know! Also, for users in the US this feature is available for highways and local roads in major metro areas.

Offline Mode. Don’t get lost twice, the new offline mode lets you save your maps for when you are offline or have limited cell service.

Local Search Filters. When looking for a restaurant, hotel or bar on top of ti being super easy to find where you want to go, the app will display ratings, links to the menu or website, price ranges, hours and much more!

Public Transit Information. For those who do not use public transportation it can be intimidating so Google Maps has improved the features on the app by letting you know the walking time and the next scheduled bus or train.

Uber Integration. If you are a Uber customer and have the app directly on your phone you can open it right from Google Maps to compare the different route options.

If you smartphone or device doesn’t update your apps on its own, I highly recommend updating this app and see how the new feature help ease your everyday problems!

By Giovanna DaPrato


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