Three Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Content

For most, YouTube is known as a site where you can watch content from your favorite channels. What many don’t tell you, however, is that it is also considered a search engine, just like Google or Bing. As a search engine, YouTube has an algorithm that finds content based on specific traits and ranks them higher or lower depending on how certain SEO practices are utilized.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are still very important when optimizing your content for YouTube. Find ones that can help you convey the message you are sending using these various methods of research. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, place your primary keyword in the title and within the description of the video. You don’t have to stop there. The dialogue in your video’s script is likely to use those words as well. You can visualize that script by importing it into the video in the form of subtitles. When testing to see if they appear, you can always click on the small button at the bottom of the video in the form of a highlighted “CC”, which stands for closed captions.

Utilizing the description

YouTube’s description feature allows up to 1,000 characters. This gives you the flexibility to do a number of things, whether you want to provide a blurb about the video or incorporate links to your social media pages. As discussed in the previous paragraph, using keywords that you’ve researched for yourself in addition to the keyword you’ve placed in the title are great ways to optimize your content. 

Other sections of the description that you can take into consideration are “Tags” and “Categories”. Both of these can give YouTube and users a better idea of what your video is about. In “tags” You can use both your keywords from the title and broader keywords that stay within the topic you are covering. The “Categories” section is a drop-down menu that helps with establishing the general idea of what the video is (i.e a music video is under music, basketball highlights are under “sports” etc).

Adding call-to-action in your video

YouTube has a feature known as “cards” that can act as backlinks to other parts of your channel or to other mediums such as a website or social media. Cards can be placed at any point in your video and be presented in different ways such as banners or thumbnails with links to more videos. Some content creators enjoy using cards at the beginning to introduce their brand along with links of other videos they offer on their channel. Others use them at the end to showcase similar videos on their channel while including other call-to-actions such as “Subscribe!” For SEO purposes, it’s always good to use a card that links to a video with the highest audience retention rate. YouTube allows up to five cards per video, so make them count!

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