Three Steps to a Better-Performing About Page

Creating an about us page can be very weak and unconvincing.  As the About page is one of the most important brand assets to your website. An About page is often part of a buying journey. It can drive people to your site and help convince them to deal with your company during these uncertain times, you can use it to help build trust in you and your business. Creating a solid About page will boost both brand loyalty and conversions for many months to come.

Why is your about page so important?

Your about page is often an entry page. No matter what your industry you are in, your about page tends to rank well for brand-driven search queries. It also shows up in your site links. Your customers will often enter your site through your about page. You should make sure you are making a good first impression to convince them to browse your site further or engage.

How should you put together a great about page?

Start strong

Treat your about page as a business card. People should be willing to learn more as soon as they see it. Your page should be eye-catching and memorable and grab attention at first sight without the need to scroll down. Dedicate your opening sentence(s) to your audience’s challenges and objectives. Starting with the very reason they come to your site in the first place is a good way to demonstrate that you have their needs in mind.

Link your brand to other entities

Make sure to link to:

  • Your company’s professional awards
  • Your featured mentions
  • Conferences you were/are speaking at

Give your page a lot of personality and personal insight into your company, but don’t overdo it.

Include different forms of media

Make your about page a feast for the eyes by considering the use of photos and videos. If people are going to seek and find your about page, it makes sense to capture their attention for as long as possible. Videos are a great way of entertaining those with particularly short attention spans and can sum up the feeling of your company in a matter of seconds or minutes. If you don’t have extensive time or resources in this area.

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