Three New Instagram Shopping Features to Utilize

Since Instagram first launched its shopping feature last year for those utilizing an Instagram business page, the social media platform has rolled out several updates and even a small handful of new shopping features. With the holiday season in full force, the new shopping features couldn’t have come at a better time. Small but mighty new features, the ability to utilize a shop tab on the Instagram profile, tag products in Instagram Stories and posts, as well as shop products from videos, are all game-changing for those within the sphere of e-commerce.

Instagram Business Page Shop Tab

The first update for Instagram Shopping is the ability to have a shop tab at the top of your business Instagram profile, which will appear next to the call, directions, and email tab when accessed on a mobile device. When the ‘shop’ tab is tapped, the user will be brought to a page that allows them to find and shop all images and products that were tagged on the Instagram profile as shoppable.

Shopping Collections

This feature is extremely beneficial to the user and allows them to save the products tagged on an image, video, or story. Once the tag is tapped on, there is an option to save it, and it will automatically save the product information to the users shopping collection. When items are saved like this, the user is able to go back and shop it, even if it’s been a while since it was saved! Currently, brands are not able to see which products are saved, but hopefully, this will change in the future.

Shop Products via Videos

Up until recently, products were only able to be shopped via photos that were uploaded to Instagram but as video becomes more dominant on the platform, they’ve added the shopping aspect to it. When a shoppable video is uploaded, a shopping tag will pop up on the left corner of the video for the user to tap to reveal the exact products that were featured.

How to Set Up the Instagram Shopping Feature

In order to utilize the Instagram shopping feature, Instagram requires a business Instagram account as well as have a Facebook page attached to it featuring the catalog of products. The category of products on Facebook is how Instagram pulls in the shop tags. Once you connect the two, your account will be reviewed by Instagram.

Once you are approved, follow the following instructions for setting up the shopping feature:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Business Settings” > “Shopping” > “Continue”
  2. Select the product catalog you want to link to Instagram > Tap “Done”
  3. Start posting!

How to Tag Products

Once you have the shopping feature enabled, you will be able to tag up to five products per single image/video and up to 20 products per multi-image post. You can even go back and tag old posts, too! In Instagram Stories, you can add one product tag per video and can even edit the color and text!

  1. Create a new post or story
  2. Posts: tap “Add Products” from the Share screen; Story: tap the sticker option > Select the product sticker
  3. Select the product you want to tag from your catalog and place the sticker/tag where you want on the image/video/story
  4. Share your post or story

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