Third-Party Reviews in AdWords

Google now allows for third-party contributions in your AdWords campaign by providing the option to include reviews and testimonials that appear in your paid listings.  These endorsements from previous as well as current customers can prove to be of great benefit to those brands and companies seeking greater online exposure and conversions.

For those companies that do not have ecommerce, third-party reviews are especially helpful for promoting services and products that they provide.  Many sites that do sell online have review sections onsite, so this ability in AdWords can assist those who are seeking greater exposure for their top-selling products, popular services, etc.

If you are a company that has considered using or currently participates in a Google AdWords campaign, take a moment to consider utilizing this feature.  If you are a brand or business that others have great things to say about, why not advertise this in your listing and boost your conversions potential (as well as your online reputation)?  It is your responsibility to receive the proper permission to use endorsements, which must also be of high-quality and reputable.  False or questionable reviews will not be accepted by AdWords, which is great for businesses that have genuinely strong reviews of their products or services, as viewers can be sure that the ads are not a hoax and they are making the right choice.

By Casey Guntlow

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