Sigmund Freud’s Theory of the Ego Affects SEO Today

On Sigmund Freud’s 160th birthday, one of the pioneers of psychology, we take into account how the Theory of the Ego is used in SEO today.  If you are not aware of what the Theory of the Ego is, let me give you a quick recap of psychology class 101. The Theory of the Ego can be described in three tiers of your personality.

The first is the Id, which makes sure that our basic needs are met, and works with meeting our pleasures. What this means is that whatever the Id wants, the Id gets. It does not take into account any consequences of decisions, or actions made, it just thinks about the self and what is good right now. The following is the Ego; it is in charge of intervening to the demands of the Id, and the Super Ego. The Ego stops us from action on our basic impulses and also works to create balance with our morals and ideas that all have to do with the Super Ego, the third tier of personality.   Now that you have a quick recap of the Theory of the Ego, how do we apply it to SEO?

Id in SEO

We know that the Id is an element that says when we see something we must have it right now. How do marketers work with this element?  It is an advantage, and one which is really easy to apply. The Id is like a child, and it will achieve getting what it wants at no cost. You as the marketer, know that if you have traffic on your site, you are offering a product or service that appeals to the visitor so we know they want it. Once that Id kicks in, we know the visitor is acting on this element and they want the product, and they want it now. What do you do? An appealing call to action can make all the difference when the desire is there; the call to action is that push that makes them do it. What follows is new leads and conversions.

Ego in SEO

The ego mediates the urges of the Id. What this means is that although you might really want that product or service on the site, you need to be convinced to actually do it. How do we apply this to SEO? Make sure that on your website you are highlighting all of the features,and benefits of what you are offering. Make them want it not only for its aesthetics but for its usefulness.

Super Ego in SEO

That brings us to the last tier to the Super Ego. The Super Ego can be described as the strongest of the three.  It can be categorized as the more moral of the three, and it helps us differentiate right from wrong. This is the personality tier where you experience shame after making a purchase you probably shouldn’t have made. Now if we apply this to SEO, this is where the real persuading begins. You have to convince your visitor that what they want on your site is worth purchasing from you, and not from any of your competitors. Marketers call this your value proposition. what do you have that the rest don’t?  That’s where you are able to make your point and make the sale and conversions you want.


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