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The Value of Social Media: Beyond Marketing

We’re often told that social media is imperative to have for our business in today’s society. We know that it is “good” to have, so we do it, without really understanding why. Social media is an imperative part of your marketing strategies, for multiple reasons. Social media presence humanizes the company, giving it a more “personable approach.” It also helps build your brand awareness, increases referral traffic, and helps with SEO. However, the value of social media goes much beyond these marketing benefits. Keep reading to find out how you can fully embrace the power of social media to best help your business.

Customer Service

The internet, and specifically social media, have become a huge outlet for people to share their opinions on particular products and services. While this can be a great way for companies to build their reputation when reviews are positive, it can pose a harmful threat when negative feedback starts coming your way. Social media offers a way for you to intervene and hopefully rectify the situation. If customers are posting unsatisfied reviews or comments, that is your chance to step in and hopefully get a second chance to provide the customer with answers or options to better assist them. This goes a long way as far as customer service is concerned.

Human Resources

Social media can also be beneficial for your HR department. When it comes to new recruits, chances are if they’re interested in your company, they already follow you on social media. This can be a great place to post job openings in order to reach quality applicants. It can provide a spot for networking with people you may otherwise have not had the opportunity to.

Product Development

Getting feedback and ideas from your customers on social media is key. After all, they are the ones using the products and keeping your business running. Therefore, listening to their comments and suggestions could actually lead to discovering ways to improve products or create something entirely new that you may not have even known there was a demand for. Social media, when used and analyzed properly can really help you get into the mind of the consumer and determine exactly what they are looking for.

Content Creation

Social media can also generate ideas for more content creation that your users are looking for. This could mean creating instructional videos to show how a certain product works, an FAQ section on your site to answer questions that multiple people have asked or a new blog post on a frequently discussed topic. Taking ideas directly from your consumers will ensure the content you are creating is relevant and useful to your audience.


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