The Top Ranking Factors For Google Maps

Regular search results aren’t the only thing your business should be aiming to appear on! Having your business featured on any of Google’s widgets dramatically increases your chances for good visibility. One of the most influential widgets is Google Maps! Google Maps tends to appear before most results on a search engine results page. If you can get your business up there, you’ll reap the benefits! But, what ranking factors should you be considering to get there? We highlight the top ranking factors for Google Maps below!

Google Business Profile Reviews

Perhaps the most important ranking factor for Google Maps is an aspect that you should already be trying to improve; your business’s reviews! Making a Google Business Profile account is paramount for getting on Maps rankings, and ratings are a large piece of that puzzle. You shouldn’t just look to maximize your ratings, however. Google looks for details like how the review was written, if it was a good one, the consistency of the same review, and if there’s text to go with it at all. As long as you provide quality service and promote your review page, you should be set.

Link Building

Since your business’s Google Business profile is tied to its website, link building becomes much more important for getting on Google Maps. You can build quality backlinks to your website in a number of ways: you can use local listings and directories to advertise your business or do a collaborative blog with a popular local business, for example. The more local your backlinks are, the more Google’s algorithm will understand your service area and your business’s reputation. Location is the main game of Google Maps, after all!

Fill Out Your Google Business Profile

A completed Google Business profile will do wonders for boosting up the search result rankings! You’ll want to fill out things like your business address, your list of services, and your service area. This will tell Google exactly where your business operates, what services they can provide, and what areas they service. These three factors are crucial to your ranking on Google Maps! The more you can fill out that profile, the better shape your business will be in.

SEO Strategy With Boston Web Marketing

Looking to boost your rankings on Google Maps? Boston Web Marketing has the tools to get you to the top of the widget! We build out personalized SEO strategies for our clients to ensure they get the best results. To learn more about what we can do for your business, click here to contact us directly!

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