The Technical SEO hierarchy you should know

When it comes to maximizing your websites SEO potential, it’s usually the technical side of things that fall short in making your website the best it can be. Your site’s technical SEO needs structure, a hierarchy you could say, each level that requires a different type of technical SEO: crawlability, indexability, accessibility, rankability, and clickability. We break down the basic of each role in making a website great.

Hierarchy of SEO Techniques



As Google explains:

“Crawlers look at webpages and follow links on those pages, much like you would if you were browsing content on the web. They go from link to link and bring data about those webpages back to Google’s servers.”

With that said, one of the most important foundations of the pyramid of technical SEO requires a URL crawlability. URLs carry the ability to be discovered by search engine bots. However, URLs that are not crawlable are invisible to bots which will not appear in search results.

The first step of action is to run an SEO audit, this will peel off pages that can’t be indexed and find out why, as it is common to see that it was intentional or an error was made which can be fixed and improve SEO.


With crawlability being the foundation, the next up of the technical SEO need is indexability. You want to ensure your pages are ranked high, and for this to happen, the search engine crawler will need to crawl the pages and add them to its index. At the same time, these elements will need to be set up correctly as Google can make a choice on whether or not it chooses to not index pages that consist of the same content. Here are some of the following elements.


Accessibility and good website design go hand-in-hand, and Google understands this which is encouraged as different types of design behaviors can increase visibility in organic search. Although accessibility is not a direct ranking factor but with other SEO practices can strengthen the core of many search optimization techniques. The goal is to ensure that all pages on the website meet the minimum level. Tools are available to help measure anything from page loading time to the smallest details of resources such as CSS, JS, image etc.

Running an SEO audit will allow you to evaluate certain individual pages and URLs with in-depth page information. Once accessibility issues are solved, we can safely say that the basic technical SEO needs of a page are met. Without them, page and website SEO will suffer.


Now we’ve covered the core elements of SEO techniques, rankability is the first of the top two levels of the hierarchy as it is considered advanced technical SEO. Collectively, crawlable, indexable, and accessible URLs will rank, with some may even rank better than others. With extra help, adding links to internal or external adds traffic and improve crawl rate!


Adding all levels of technical SEO optimization from above. All links on a website and separate pages should all look clickable to your target users. To boost your SEO weight, you can include markup and enhance search listings with rich elements:

  • Breadcrumbs.
  • Star ratings.
  • Product information
  • Event information
  • Site links to key pages on the same site.
  • Site search from the SERP.


This can also work towards videos and images which can drive an advantage towards image and video search.


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