The Stories Feature on Social Media Channels


If you are a frequent user of Snapchat, you understand how important and dynamic the Snapstories feature is. It gives followers a peep into the daily life of the account they are following. Brands who are active on Snapchat are actively posting new stories every hour because it is the main channel to reach out to their audience without spamming everyone on their contact list.


Instagram caught onto the feature very quickly. Last year, they rolled out Insta Stories for the first time. It wasn’t initially being utilized by a lot of users. However, as time went on, more and more people started posting stories on their Instagram along with their Snapchat. Even though being a total clone of SnapStory, Insta Story eventually added many new functions such as tagging, freedom for geo-filter, etc. Recently, users can even make their stories swipe-able, making Insta Story a great platform for brands to implement call-to-action.


Despite being totally behind on the story feature, Facebook eventually made stories available on the Messenger app. However, it doesn’t seem to catch on success as its brother Instagram did. To combat this disadvantage, Facebook recently made Stories also available on Pages instead of only personal accounts. Since the Stories feed usually empty, this is actually an opportunity for companies to reach the most followers using Facebook stories. Let’s see if this proves to be a successful move by Facebook.

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